Apr 20, 2011

untuk hari ini .

always rite :D

article :
Dialogue Between Lovers 

By Jose Enrique Dubon

Boy: It’s been a while since we talk last time.
Girl: It has….but why? 
Boy: are you in love again?
Girl: No, I haven’t…… I don’t want to.

Boy: I get it, but why haven’t you?
Girl: It’s just hard. I just wish…

Boy: I wish that too
Girl: It’s been so long.

Boy: We don’t have to lose time anymore.
Girl: I’m afraid, what if we don’t.

Boy: What if we do?
Girl: What can we do then? 
Boy: We have to be patient, things are becoming.
Girl: Things are becoming true again.

Boy: I didn’t wish that to happen, I’m sorry.
Girl: I’m sorry too. I planned my life to be with you not
       without you and things seemed to be shattered.

Boy:My heart is shattered, but I haven’t lost hope on us, I
        never stopped.
Girl: I’d never stopped either. I think of you every once in a
       while, I think if you where could we be right now, if you were
       the one for me. If we were meant to be.

Boy: It’s really hard seeing you not by my side, like we swear
       we would, and we both know I’m, we both know we are
Girl: Now will never know.

amazed .the end dah bace like lah :)

the end .
like this picture after u bace .haha ty :)

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