Apr 23, 2011

assalammualaikum :) heyey

oh semalam tak update = = .HAHAH!! kesah

so ape cite semalam .aku lupe aa ,tak ingat sangat 

duduk rumah ke ? lupe aa .HAHAHA!!

better takpayah sebok aa nak tau :) act,aku tatau nak nak post ape .bae je ler

cerite :D

Love is the a beautiful feeling that express honesty, affection and at the
same time friendship. Around the world people are concerned about solutions for many of social problems. The feeling love could be the key for many of that problems. Although, some people do not believe that it is possilble. Problems that include world hungry and violence are some example of social matters that love could solve.

The most important reason why love could hlep the hungry problem around the world is the fact that love ties people together in a way to help each other. First of all, feellings such as, caring about others and helping each other is also included in love. Besides, someone moved by that magic feelling are more likely to do little actions that today's are being more and more rare. For example, to join a non-governamental institute that help people with hungry or even feeding someone who need food is a simple actitude that this feelling insentive people to do. Secondly, the spirit of sharing is not very comum in todays world. In fact, people tend to be more selfish and caring less about others. However, love flourish that felling and make people more likely to share what they have. For instance, sharing the half a lanche with someone who do not have or even giving a piece of a fruit are actitudes that people moved by love often do. Therefore, love incentive people do help solving social problems, as hungry, which is just by us and we dont realize.

Another imporant social matter that love could help to solve is the violence. It is undeniable that the fisrt thing to associate with love is peace. First, that fantastic feeling attrach people around with a peaceful sentiment. For example, starting a fight or thinking of taking someone life are thoughts that do not exist when one's are contagious by love. Currently, the world are moved by ambition, revenge and meanness. Usually when you read or watch some news the fisrt headlight that appears is about war, murder or people being killed and there are anywhere to be safe. As an example, a 20 years old student has been killed in Alberta, Canada by a lost bullet two months ago. Actions like that is avoided when love is surrounding people life's.

In conclusion, Love is answer for most of the world question. It is a necessary feeling in life because it is wonderful and magic. Also, it hold people together in way to help and care about each others!

Pedro Fernands the end :))

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